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    We attended the 33rd SFCHINA

    Author:    Click:111    DateTime:2020-12-14 16:31:45

          The 33rd China International Exhibition for Surface Finishing and Coatings Products (SFCHINA) was held in Guangzhou from December 8 to 10. The Industrial Cleaning & Lubrication Division attended the exhibition at Booth F15, Pavilion 5.1 in China Import and Export Fair Complex.

          As the frequenter, however, we brought "new things" to customers - 7 industry solutions covering more than 10 kinds of products, offering a feast for customers. 

          Seven solutions covering metal surface treatment, cleaning power, service life, dust removal, low foaming, capacity increase, low COD, etc. 

         10 kinds of products, including surfactants, solvents, dispersants, defoamers, penetrants, chelating agents, rust inhibitors, surface treatment products, water treatment products, electroplating additives, etc. 

          The rich product categories, hardcore technical support and one-stop procurement service attracted many new and old customers to stop by the booth and have a pleasant exchange with our staff.  

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