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    Specialty Lubricants

    Specialty Lubricants
    Established in 2010; serves more than 500 clients; service includes heat treatment, electricity, aluminum and other industries

    A wide variety of products:

          a、Heat treatment media: UCON hardening agent (PAG-type), all kinds of special quenching oil, rust inhibitors, defoamers, biocides, etc.

          b、Oil equipment: fire-resistant hydraulic fluids (water glycol type; full synthetic degradable), PAG whole class of synthetic lubricants

          c、Process oil: aluminum hot rolling emulsion

    Professional team:

          6 sales people, 5 research and development field personnel, 3 senior industry experts; stable and cooperative relations with PetroChina, Sinopec, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other professional institutions; able to provide customers with professional technical support services.

     Independent R & D capability and performance testing: 

          Equipped with IVF anemometer, BT-9300s-type particle analyzer and other equipment.

    Cases for Specialty Lubricants
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