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    I & I Cleaning

    I & I Cleaning

          Since the establishment of the I and I Cleaning department, we have focused on environmentally friendly innovations, supply of a wide variety of raw materials, and research that allows us to give clients personalized service. While providing clean, convenient and healthy products, we also offer solutions for the applications of chemical products in the hopes of continuously improving our customer service. We sincerely hope that you will consider becoming one of our clients.

           We can provide you with services in the following ways

    Metal Finishing Metal Cleaning

    Institutional Cleaning

    Plating Additive

    Electroplating intermediate



    Iron Degreasing

    Metal cleaning

    Appliance cleaning

    Communication equipment

    Institutional Cleaning

    Hotel cleaning

    Cleaning of food packaging


    Household cleaning Electronic cleaning

    Fabric care

    Kitchen cleaning agent

    Cleaning agent for toilet


    Silicon slice detergent

    Silicon wafer cutting fluid

    Boiler cleaning

    Glass cleaning

    Ink cleaning

    Precision instrument cleaning

    Cases for I & I Cleaning
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